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The World's Smallest
Dive System

NOMAD pumps only the exact pressure, volume, and flow rate that the diver needs at their particular depth. NOMAD uses just a fraction of the energy of any other underwater breathing system. That’s why NOMAD uses smaller pumps, motors, and batteries – bringing you the most portable and affordable underwater breathing system ever!

More Dive Time
With Variable Speed technology, you get motor running for air on demand. Battery use is less, diver time longer!
Green Diving
Dive using electrical power in batteries, not gas. No more pouring and spilling gas before diving, unplug and go!
Quiet Diving
No more gas engine running at the surface... green diving with only a quiet electric motor running.
Battery Switching
Switch out batteries easily and keep diving with our patented Brownie's Third Lung Batteries for more diving time.
Compressor Filled Float
Quick Release Hoses
Human Support
Up to 4 Divers
No Tanks
Easy Online Lessons
Excellent Warranty
Brownie's Third Lung gives you the freedom to dive without tank fills, heavy scuba gear and get more time underwater. Whether you need a Brownies Electric Third Lung a Brownies Gas Powered Third Lung system that follows you on the water, a Brownies Integrated Electric Third Lung for your boat, a system you can carry, or a heavy duty Brownies Commercial Third Lung Hookah System, Brownie's YachtDiver has the right Third Lung System for you. 
Brownie's Third Lung backs up their systems with warranties and quality ongoing service and carries any Brownie's Third Lung Accessories you need!
Brownie's YachtDiver is the number one dealer world wide in sales and service of Brownie's Scuba Tank Fill Compressors, check out our Tankfill System page for more information on Brownie's Scuba Tank Fill Compressors to turn your boat into a dive boat!
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