Third Lung Diving

How is Third Lung diving different from scuba?
• You stay together. Each diver is free to explore, yet stays in contact with their buddy – much safer than diving individually on scuba.
• Less gear to wear. Most people feel that hookah diving is more like snorkeling than scuba diving.
• Less gear to carry. Since the system is built-in you only need your personal gear: mask, snorkel, fins, and suit.
• Our battery systems can support up 2-4 divers and run for 3 plus hours (depending on battery size and type). With independent batteries, it doesn’t put a strain on your boats power supply.
• It’s ready when you are. It is already built-in so there is no need to worry about stowing. The whole system is already set up, you just flip the switch, throw the hose in the water and jump in. There is nothing more convenient than that! Unlimited fun for everyone!