Manuals | Specs Hookah Gear

Below you can find the manuals, specifications and other information in printable PDF format
from Brownie's Third Lung. Contact Us with your questions and for more information.
Surface Supplied Air
Brownie's Third Lung™ Floating Series 
Brownie's Third Lung™ Electric Series 
Brownie's Third Lung™ Commercial Series 
Brownie's Integrated Air Systems
Brownie's Third Lung Maintenance 
Brownie's E-Reel™ Systems
Tankfill / NitroxMaker™ 
High Pressure Compressors
Light Duty
Medium Duty
Heavy Duty
Super Heavy Duty
Commercial Bauer Series
Bauer Filtration/Purification Systems
NitroxMaker™ Systems
Yacht Series
Commercial Series (NM-CS)
Filtration / Purification Systems
Scuba Tank Filling Systems & Storage
Fill Panels
Dive Resource Centers & High Pressure Storage
Bauer Fill Stations