Sea Lion Floating System 3.0

Brownie's Third Lung

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Product Overview

Brownie's proprietary Variable Speed technology constantly adjusts the compressors speed to meet the divers demand for air. During low demand, the compressor speed is reduced, conserving battery power. During high demand, the speed increases to provide a maximum volume of air to the divers.



Ideal for Resorts, Charters and anyone looking for a Superior Diving Choice that is Safe and Eco Friendly. 

SEA LION – 3 Diver Package:

Includes: motor/compressor assembly, storage case with impact resistant HDPE cover and 7 ft heat hose with easy to clean in-line particle filter.

  • Power: .75 hp sealed DC motor powered by (1) 24V / 63.8 amp-hour Lithium Ion Battery
  • Compressor: Single Head Direct Drive Oil-less
  • Run time: Up to 3+ hours available
  • Maximum Depth Selector: Dial in your Depth to Determine estimate dive time.
  • Depth: 2 divers to 65 ft / 3 divers to 35 ft / 4 dives to 15ft-20ft *With the purchase of an Add-A-Diver kit
  • Weight:  Unit only 33lbs, battery 22lbs, gear bag 35lbs
  • Dimensions in Storage Case: 17 L x 24 W x 14 H (inches)

System includes:

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1      24V LITHIUM ION battery w/ custom terminals

1      Battery charger - 110V /220V compatible

1     2.5 Gallon Accumulator tank

1      60 ft common down line with QRS fittings

3      20ft individual diver hoses with QRS fittings

3      Brownie’s™ hookah regulators

3     Secure Bungee Necklaces for regulators

3      Brownie’s™ patented Drop Weight Cummerbelts™

1      Intake staff w/dry top

1      Dive flag

1      Float tube

2      QRS Y-Divider

1     5 ltr Brownie's Dry Bag

1      Deluxe mesh duffel gear bag

1      Owner’s Manual

Warranty Information

Brownie's Third Lung products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of retail purchase. A copy of retail purchase receipt, showing model and serial number is required to verify warranty eligibility. Brownie's will repair, replace or refund valid warranty claims. A warranty is determined by a certified Brownie's Technician only. Brownie's will not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages beyond the wholesale purchase price. Please contact Brownie's Third Lung at 954-524-2112 if you have a warranty issue.