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Brownie's Third Lung


Brownie's Third Lung is proudly presented by Brownie's YachtDiver, the number one dealer world wide in sales and service of Brownie's Third Lung hookah diving equipment and accessories. We are here to provide the proper Brownie's Third Lung gear that is exactly right for your hookah diving needs.

Get the freedom to dive without tank fills, heavy scuba gear and get more time under the water. Whether you need a Brownies Electric Third Lung a Brownies Gas Powered Third Lung system that follows you on the water, a Brownies Integrated Electric Third Lung for your boat, a system you can carry, or a heavy duty Brownies Commercial Third Lung Hookah System, Brownie's YachtDiver has the right Third Lung System for you. Brownies Third Lung backs up their systems with warranties and ongoing service.

Brownie's YachtDiver has all Brownies Third Lung Accessories. We stock the Brownies E-Reel Upgrade for handy stowage and use of your Brownie's Third Lung system. For emergency back up and short term diving we have the Brownies Mini-Scuba Egressor. Brownies Kayak Diving Hose Kits are just the thing for hookah diving off a kayak and Brownies Personal Watercraft Kits for your PWC.

Brownie's YachtDiver is also the number one dealer world wide in sales and service of Brownie's Scuba Tank Fill Compressors, see our page for more information on Brownie's Scuba Tank Fill Compressors.

Contact Us today for more information and to buy your own Brownie's Third Lung.

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